About Tabela Studio

Tabelā is a London and India based studio specialising in contemporary, hand woven Pānja dhurrie rugs. By reinterpreting ancient methods and traditional craft, all our dhurries are made solely by women using naturally spun cotton and Himalayan wool.

On a mission to help women in rural communities develop their traditional skills in craft, we set up a collective of village women in the Punjab, northern India, with a simple purpose: to improve their weaving skills in rug making, an ancient skill passed down through generations but now at risk of being lost. In farming communities vulnerable to fluctuating incomes, we saw it as a valuable skill the women could use to their benefit – believing in the beauty of what they can create with their hands.

Following many years of persistence, we’re now creating perfectly finished pieces with a bygone charm that’s natural and eclectic. Each one of our dhurries is patiently hand woven in a village home over many weeks, and then carefully finished in our studio to maintain quality. The best part – we’re indirectly employing hundreds of women, and adding more each month.

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